Humble Indie Bundle.

Indie Games bundle With Included Linux Goodness.

If you're looking for some games for your Linux PC, the Humble Indie Bundle games offer could be just what the doctor ordered. Not only does it provide some solid games for the Linux gamer, but comes with a "pay what you want" price tag. Ya can't get much better than that. When paying for the games bundle you also have the oportunity to have a portion of the money go to charity. The Child's Play charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation are options and you get to choose how exactly the money is split. It's your choice how much goes to the games devs and each of the charities.

Thankfully the games contain no DRM and have gernerous licensing. Much more so than your typical Windows game. Over on that side of the fence some of the bigger games houses' licensing terms can leave you feeling a little miffed to say the least. With the games bundle if you buy the Linux version they also offer you the Windows and Mac versions as well. Buy once, run everywhere :)

So, on to the games themselves. The included titles are:

World of Goo








It's interesting to look at the break down of sales between Windows, Mac and Linux. The first shot in the following image is from the 5th May, and the second is the 6th. There was a slight increase as a percentage of sales in the Linux side of things, and this was at the expense of both the Windows and Mac sales, but more was lost on the Windows side of things.

Sales results for the different platforms. May 5 vs May 6.


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