Unigene Heaven Demo for Linux

Hammer your graphics card hard with this beast of a demo.

The Unigine Heaven grahics demo has finally been released for the Linux platform after a delay of many months. This has been reportedly due to problems in the graphics card device drivers for both nVidia and ATI hardware. Having been able to sucessfully run the demo on drivers for nVidia hardware that were available at the time of the original Windows launch of the demo, I assume the problems were with the netoriously buggy ATI fglrx drivers. These ATI drivers are quickly improving though and with any luck will soon be in a state fit for human consumption. I do hope this is the case as ATI arguably have the best graphics cards available at the moment, even taking into consideration the yet unreleased nVidia Fermi hardware.

It certainly the most impressive and pretty graphics produced by a native Linux binary I've seen yet. The up and comming game release Primal Carnage by the Lukewarm Media team will be based on this game engine so things are boding well for that from an eye candy perspective at least. Following are some screen shots from the demo.

The Dragon.

More grist for the mill.


Bloom effects FTW!

The center square.


Air suspension equirped Islands.

Where next to fly?


For those people considering a test drive of this demo you should keep in mind that if you're running with a composited desktop you should temporarily disable it for the best possible performance.

Full screen runs better than windowed mode.

The demo can be downloaded from the Unigine Website.

Copyright (c) 2010 Greg Newsome all rights reserved.