Amarok Script for Internode Unmetered Streams.

Making Internodes streams easily available.

Internode make a range of internet radio streams available to their customers by rebroadcasting them to special Internode addresses. The official list of these streams is available by checking

I’ve constructed a script to make these streams easily available from with the Internet section of Amarok. To install the script, follow these instructions.

First download the script from this link. (Right click the link and select Save As, etc.)

Once the file has finished downloading, from within Amarok go to the Tools menu and select the Script Manager option.

Once the script manager shows up select “Install Script” and then a dialog box should pop up

Start the script manager from the Tools menu.

Select “Install Script”


Navigate to where you downloaded the script to and select it. If you have KDE set to double click you’ll also need to click Open.


If the script was successfully installed Amarok will tell you to restart it. Note: You actually need to completely shutdown Amarok and re start it before you can enable the script.

You must completely shut down Amarok before new scripts become available.

Once you re-start Amarok you’ll have the new script available in the internet section.


Once Amarok has started back up you’ll need to go back into the Script Manager again and enable the new script. You do this by simply checking the option next to the script name.

Place a check mark next to the Internode script.

You should have the script available form the
Internet section.


Once you’ve enabled the script and pressed OK you should see the “Internode Radio Streams” item in the Internet section of Amarok.

Clicking the new script will present you with the list of Internodes unmetered streams.

Free streams, just a click away!.


Copyright (c) 2010 Greg Newsome all rights reserved.