The trouble with running kdesudo dolphin with Kubuntu 9.04.

There's a problem when running Dolphin as root via the kdesudo command in Jaunty Jackalope 9.04. This can be rectified temporarily by executing the following command.

kdesudo kdeinit4

This is most easily done by pressing the ALT-F2 key combination on the keyboard and then entering the command in the text box.

Press the ALT-F2 key combination to open launcher.

Type kdesudo kdeinit4 into the text area and press “Enter”.

Then, after waiting a few seconds for it to complete, you should be able to successfully execute this command successfully

kdesudo dolphin


Type kdesudo dolphin into the text area to start Dolphin with root privileges.

Dolphin running with root privileges.

Unfortunately, logging out or restarting will undo what has been done by executing kdesudo kdeinit4 and so it will need to be re-executed in the next session before running kdesudo dolphin. When I've worked out how to make this permanent, I'll update this page.

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