The Classic Gnome Desktop on the Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

The netbook remix of Ubuntu is a wonderful thing for sure. It's performance on an Atom based netbook is noticably better than the standard Ubuntu distro however some people don't like the noobaliscious program launcher and this discourages them from running it. Well there's good news for those folks, and that is that it's trivial to switch to the standard style desktop that you know and love from standard Ubuntu.

So to accomplish this, follow these 4 easy steps.

1. Select the "Preferences” pane.

2. When in the Preferences pane, scroll down to the bottom.


3. Select the "Switch Desktop Mode" pane.

4. Select "Classic Desktop" and click "Apply"


Tada! The classic Gnome desktop.

Now if only thay'd make a netbook remix for Kubuntu!. For the meantime us Kubuntu users must create a USB key of our own. To read how to do that, click here....

Copyright (c) 2009 Greg Newsome all rights reserved.