Sharing folders in Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

(in spite of the brokenness)

When it's working, the file sharing in KDE 4 works rather nicely, but both Intrepid Ibex as well as Jaunty Jackalope both ship with it in a broken state. It's fixable thankfully, so all is not lost. This guide starts at the point you'd be at if you'd just installed your O/S or just haven't yet installed the file sharing packages. The second part deals with the final steps of deborking file sharing, which, if followed correctly should have you file swapping before you know it.

So, firstly, before you fix the broken stuff you'll have to make sure you have all the packages installed that you'll need to successfully enable file sharing.

Install the following by going to Add/Remove Software from inside System Settings.

1. Start the System Settings program.

2. Select the "Add and Remove Software" panel.


3. Search for the kdenetwork-filesharing package by typing kdenetwork into the search box and pressing enter. Click the plus sign to the right of the kdenetork-filesharing

4. Search for the samba package by typing samba into the search box and pressing enter, then scroll down to the samba package. Click the plus sign to the right of the samba package.


5. Click the Apply button and you will be asked to confirm you want to add the two packages.


6. Click the "Apply Now" button.

Thinking, thinking, thinking.....


7. Click the "OK" button to allow the installation of the additional dependencies.

The packages will now be downloaded and installed.

If all went well you should now have all the software installed to perform file sharing between other computers running Linux, Windows and OSX.

Part One Completed, let the deborking begin!

Now we're about to come across the first bit of brokenness inside of KDE4 filesharing. What we're about to do is all about fixing the following error.

When trying to share a folder you'll see this without executing the following command.

What you'll see when you click the "Details" button.

First things first we'll need a console to type some commands into. Start Konsole and type the following command to allow the successful sharing of folders. (You'll need to enter you password to compete the command.)

sudo chmod u+s /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/fileshareset

This command allows non-root users to use Dolphin and Konqueror to share files.

Start the Dolphin file manager and lets try to share the Public folder that's inside your home directory.

Right click the Public folder and choose Properties.

You should see the Properties dialogue box for the Public folder. Choose the Share tab.


Click the "Configure File Sharing" button.

You'll be asked for your password. Once you enter it and either press enter or select the OK button you should be presented with the "Enable or disable file sharing" dialogue box.

IMPORTANT: If the “Enable or disable file sharing” dialogue box doesn't appear after correctly entering your password, you should click the button one more time and if nothing happens again, you'll need to type the following command into a console. (You might be asked to enter your password to complete the command.)

sudo rm -R /var/tmp/kdecache-root

Now try clicking the “Configure File Sharing” button and it should work.

The mysterious "Enable or disable file sharing" dialogue box. To allow Dolphin or Konqueror to share folders, click the "Allowed Users" button.

Select the "Allow all users to share folders" radio button and press OK.

Press the “OK” button on the bottom of the “Enable or disable file sharing” dialogue box.


We shouldnow go from this...

To this.

Click on the “Shared” radio button and press the “OK” button and the folder should now be available on the network.

And that's it. Happy sharing.

Copyright (c) 2009 Greg Newsome all rights reserved.