Installing Amarok 2 beta on Kubuntu Intrepid beta.

Amarok 2.0 beta.

Well I thought that I'd try out the new beta of Amarok 2.0 that was just released. And thankfully packages have been built for Kubuntu so that saves me the effort of building it from source. According to a page on the Amarok website all I would need to do is add a repository to Adept and intstall Amarok-kde4. And as a bonus, it'd work alongside my current install of Amarok 1.4.10. However this was a little inaccurate.

Instructions as per the Amarok web site.

Firstly Amarok 2 beta, or at least the one I downloaded doesn't work along side the old version. It's either one or the other. This didn't really worry me cause if I want to go back to the old version, I'll just uninstall Amarok 2 and re-install Amarok 1.4.10. And secondly, even though I added the repo as per the instrustions on their site, no amarok-kde4 package was listed as available in Adept for install. The packages were available for manual installation though and this is what I did.

The First Try - By their book. - The stuff that I did that didn't work.

First: I started Adept and went into 'Edit Sources' to add
the repo as per their instructions.

Second: I added the following repo.

deb intrepid main

After Adept did the repo update I wasn't able to find amarok-kde4 anywhere in the list!

Now for the manual installation procedure.

Because the Amarok 2 beta packages are incompatable with the old Amarok, you have to remove the following packages.

  • amarok 2:1.4.10-0ubuntu3
  • amarok-common 2:1.4.10-oubuntu3
  • amarok-engine-xine

First I removed these packages from within Adept,

and then I added libloudmouth1-0

Then I downloaded the following files.



I installed them as follows:

From within a terminal in the directory where I downloaded the files to

sudo dpkg --install amarok-mysql-data_5.1.26rc-0ubuntu1~ppa1_all.deb


sudo dpkg --install amarok-kde4_1.92.2-0ubuntu1~ppa1_i386.deb

MP3 and Amarok.

In order to get mp3 playback in Amarok, I had to install the libxine1-ffmpeg package and re-start Amarok.

Bugs and Stuff.

I couldn't play files directly from a network share, so I had to copy the files locally to play them.