Turn Off KDE3 Menu Shadows in KDE4.

QT, KWIN, Compiz Clash.

Anyone running any KDE3 programs on Kubuntu 8.10 with its KDE4 desktop will probably have noticed annoying shadow artifacts around drop down menus. They appear as a consequence of a clash between KDE3's menu drop shadows and compiz or KDE4 kwin's shadows. There's an option to switch them off in KDE3 that doesn't seem to be available in KDE4 but there is a way to switch them off manually.


At last, KDE4's becoming stable.

Before switching off KDE3 menu drop-shadows.

After switching off KDE3 menu drop-shadows.

The setting for KDE menu drop shadow is recorded in a file called kstylerc that's inside the .qt directory (note the full-stop before qt) in your home directory. Well at least it's there for a KDE3 system but they obvoiusly forgot it for Kubuntu 8.10. It's just a matter of putting one there with the appropriate settings.

Here's the contents of my .qt/kstylerc file that switches off the drop shadows.


Place the file in here!

I hope this helps.